7 Best Time to Drink Water | What Drinking Water Can Do For You

A wise man once said, “for everything, there is an appointed time.” He further adds: “for every activity under the heavens, there is a time.” Going by those quotes, it makes sense to apply this when it comes to knowing what time will be best to drink water. in other words, the best time to drink water.

Although, if you do not know the best time to drink water, you may have been drinking water just at a random time, that is, not minding what is being done as at the time when you feel the need to take it in. Have you ever felt that oh, there is little effect water can have when it comes to drinking it just at the right time? Willing to know what water can do for you, when you drink it at the best time?

Answers are provided to these questions raised, and these will deepen your understanding on the health benefits of drinking water.

The 7 Best Time To Drink Water

There are health benefits associated with drinking water just at specific times. The health benefits will be mentioned alongside the best times to drink water.

7 Best Time to Drink Water

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1. Drink Water Before A Meal

Drinking water before a meal is healthy. When the stomach is empty, it absorbs more water than when it is full. Therefore, it is very advantageous to drink water before you have your meal.

It tends to fasten the digestion process when you drink before the meal. For those who are dieting, drinking water before a meal is of paramount importance.

When you do, your stomach get filled before taking the meal. As a result, you will eat less and have much water to handle your digestion process leading to burning off more calories. It is recommended that you drink at least 30 minutes before meal.

2. Drink Water After A Meal

We have highlighted the benefits that comes along drinking water before a meal. Does drinking after a meal really make any sense at all? Of course, it does.

Constipation, a common complain after eating a meal is halted or lessened when water is taking moderately after a meal. It will quickly absorb the needed nutrients for the body and use it effectively. It will also help in quick discharging of waste.

Great care should be employed here, do not drink water immediately after eating. It dilutes the juices that help during digestion.

3. Before Heading For Bed

It is best to drink water before you head for bed. This decreases the fluid loss  that happens during sleep at night.

Heart attacks and strokes which are cardiovascular diseases happens in the morning. Blood becomes thick because of loss of water in the body system. Meanwhile, studies have it revealed that strokes and heart attack risk can be effectively lowered when more water are taken before sleeping at night.

When you do, you keep your body hydrated which is what the system needs. To help you remember doing this, you can keep a jug close or use a water bottle.

4. After Waking Up From The Bed

Let us be factual here, the water you drink before you sleep is just what will be used up in the body system until you wake up to take in more. That you drank before bed does not mean that you have taken what is enough to keep you hydrated, water are being used up during sleep, therefore, you have to fill the ones used up.

The colon gets cleaned, hematopoiesis production, and most importantly, it neutralizes toxics that might be present in the body system. Truthfully, getting up to drink water just immediately might be demanding at a start, but you can help by placing your bottle filled with water close to you to reduce the stress of fetching it.

5. Before You Shower

Blood pressure is currently among leading causes of death among old people, and in rare cases among youngsters. The demand for drugs to manage this problem is increasingly high. Yet, there are precautionary motives that can be practiced to lower the blood pressure.

One is drinking water before you set for the bathroom. It helps the blood vessel dilation and reduces the sodium level which all lowered the blood pressure. Therefore, you can drink at least a glass of warm water before setting out for the shower.

6. A Need For Junk foods

Is it hard for you to differentiate hunger from thirst? It is because you do not know the best time to drink water.

When they are thirsty, they might think that they are hungry even after minutes of finishing a meal.

However, all they need is just to drink water. Therefore, after you have finished eating and it happens that you are feeling hungry be rest assured that what you need is a cup of water.

This approach is not to stop you from consuming junk foods, but to help you understand when you should not mistake it for hunger. However, taking little junk meal will benefit you even more.

7. When You Sweat Out

It is not new that a strenuous job will make us sweat out. Sweating is so important for regulating body temperature but also a major source of water loss. This loss of water has to be replenished.

To stay hydrated, you will need to take in water during or after the hard labour that made you sweat out. It is advisable to make water available when doing a strenuous task, to cover the losses as you sweat.

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After you have read through, do you see where you can best improve? You may have been practising some points noted here but maybe you did not know there are health benefits attached to it, and this article have enriched your understanding on that.

However, it is vital to keep it on and adjust to the other points highlighted. Trust me, a more healthy status is a guarantee.

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