7 Reasons why Babies Develop Jaundice

The reasons why babies develop jaundice are numerous, yet there are things to do to prevent your baby from having this problem. We will be addressing, and mentioning few reasons in this post. 

Babies develop jaundice when a baby has a very high level of bilirubin in the blood system. The ‘bilirubin’ is usually yellow in colour that is created by the body when old red blood cells are created.

In the body, the liver breakdown these substances so that this will be removed from the body stool. This  condition results into the skin colour fading turning into colour yellow, and the whitish of the baby turns into yellow as well. When this happens, a baby is said to have “Jaundice”.

What would have resulted into this? ‘many asks’. There are underlying circumstances that result into this problem. However, if these underlying conditions are identified, it will prevent babies from having this, and for nursing mothers they will know what they should do to prevent their babies from this disease.

Causes of Jaundice in Babies

Is it a crime for baby’s bilirubin level to be moderately high after birth? No! it is very normal for that to happen.

In the womb when the baby is growing, there is a task that the baby is helped to accomplished. The task is the process whereby the placenta in the womb helps to remove the bilirubin in the body of the baby. What happens after birth?

After birth, the baby is expected to do this task; since the placenta grows during pregnancy and not after pregnancy.  It is expected that the operation will not be done efficiently, therefore, the baby might require time before this task can be accomplished smoothly.

As rightly stated, it is not unusual for babies to develop jaundice after birth, but it becomes noticeable after the baby clocks 2-4 days. And in most babies, it disappears withing 3 weeks. But if it does not disappear, how and what could be accountable for that? Fine, lest check in.

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7 Reasons why Babies Develop Jaundice

1. Breastfeeding

When babies are breastfed, they can develop jaundice,  why? It will be so because when the mother’s milk is not coming forth, the baby will definitely not nurse well, and this will result into the jaundice development in the body.

When feeding your baby with breast milk, ensure that the milk gets into the baby’s body. You should make visit to the hospital to examine if there are noticeable changes in your baby’s well being so that verification can be made as to why and it can be confirmed if the problem is that your baby cannot get adequate milk from your beast.

In some babies, the jaundice from the breast milk might appear in healthy babies just after 7 days of being birthed. This may keep on for weeks or even for months.  The breast milk entering the body system might not really be able to breakdown the bilirubin in the liver.

In this case, there might be medical check-up as to the milk constituents in the breast of the mother. in this case, the milk gets into the baby’s  body, but there are nutrients in the milk that are not enough for the body.

Other Underlying Conditions

Aside from the breastfeeding and the breastfed problem that develop jaundice in baby, there are other health problems that will be traced to the reason why baby develop jaundice.

2. Incompatible Blood Group

An incompatible blood group can be accountable for the development of jaundice in babies. How does this happen? This happens between the mother and the baby. When the mother have a blood type that is different from the one the babies has, these different blood types mixed either during the period of pregnancy or after the birth of the baby results into jaundice.

3. Problem in The Bile Ducts

The bile duct is an essential part of the body, but when problem develops, these results into jaundice. What problem could arise?

There might be blockage of the bile duct and the gall bladder. These will create transports that create bile in the body, and this bile is used in the digestion of fatty acid.

4. Rhesus Factor Disease

This rhesus factor disease is primarily from the mother. This condition develop when the mother is the carrier of the rhesus negative blood. And in the baby system, it is confirmed that that baby has a positive rhesus blood. These disease factor will therefore result into the problem of developing jaundice in baby.

5. Under-active Thyroid gland

The thyroid gland in the body of the baby is important, and a good component that aid the growing of the baby.  The function of the thyroid gland is to produce hormones in the body. Yet, if the hormones in the body are not adequately produced, it results into jaundice in the baby.

6. Enzyme Deficiency

It is not new that there are few things inherited from parents at birth. Therefore a deficiency in the enzyme present in the body of the mother can be inherited by the baby, and when these happens,  it will automatically leads to jaundice development of the baby.  Therefore is it advisable that if a mother is aware of the history of the deficiency in their family line, she must quickly inform the midwife so that necessary steps will be taken.

7. Urinary Tract Infection

Another underlying condition that can result into a baby developing jaundice can be as a result of the urinary tract infection. If an urinary tract is infected, the baby can have the ability to develop jaundice.

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Most of these problems mentioned here are better solved when precautions are taken earlier. Adequate ante-natal must be enforced to check regularly what might result into jaundice in the baby.

After birth, go for pre-natal to Save your baby from having jaundice. The good news is that, it can be effectively treated. Though when things are put in place it will reduce cost and greatly influenced a good well being of the baby.

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