5 Back Pain Treatments at Home

Home treatments have long been effective in handling soft ailments since they come at reduced cost, and heavily stress free. Anyone synonymous to back pain might have taken ibuprofen, and other pills to help subside the pains; that you are seeking for an alternative reveals that you are sick of popping these pills. This post will expose 5 easy back pain treatments at home.

There are several back pain treatments at home that will help you banish the back pain when applied efficiently.

4 easy back pain treatments at home 


Know Why You Have Back Pain

Bones, ligaments, muscles, and joints are delicate part of the body; they are part of the body that holds ones up. What happens when these delicate part are inappropriately positioned? They result into back pain! You might asked, is that all? Definitely no!

Other conditions might also be reasons for a back pain. It could be as a result of kidney conditions, hairline spine and fracture, arthritis and strains.

Many people suffering from these ailments are sincerely searching for a way out at a reasonable cost. The question we are aiming at providing answer to is to check the back pain treatments at home.


5 Back Pain Treatments at Home

Four of the back pain treatments at home will have our attention in this article, and they are simple; the applications are also easy. Let us explain comprehensively the back pain treatments at home.

1. Always Seek For a Perfect Posture

A very good posture will keep your back stress free. Do you remember that while you were growing up, you were given advice that you should always maintain a good posture? This advice was given because when you cultivate a bad posture, it has a long-lasting effect on the back.

How to Perfect One’s Posture

Always stand erect and straight with the body weight evenly balanced on your feet.

Tilt pelvis forward and back, thus exaggerating the movement. After doing that, settle down in a condition that is most comfortable.

The next step is to work ones way your back, but focus on one area at a time.

These are the area you should concentrate on:  first concentrate on the area on your waist, then you will move to the chest region, and finally to the neck and shoulders.

As you practiced these steps try to check on the position that is not very much stressful and very comfortable.

These positions are what you should maintain anytime you stand, walk, and when you begin or end an exercise.


2. Ice and Heat

Ice has been great to solve, ease and relief pain. When you apply ice to the body, it blocks pain’s signal temporarily, and very helpful in reducing swelling. At times, when there is a swelling in the buttock due to an injection, to relief the swelling, you may apply it to the region.

How to Use Ice as a Home Remedy

Lay an ice packed in towel, and place directly on the painful area for about 25 minutes. To limit how the ice evaporates you can use a plastic bag. These processes  repeated as you consider it appropraite.

After the use of an ice in that region, the next process is switching to the use of warm water. When should the switch be?


3. How to Use Warm Water

The function of the ice placed on the area is to serve as a first aid to the affected area, therefore, after several application of the ice packs, warm water should be applied after two days of the ice treatment.

This is to help you stimulate the blood flow in the affected area, and reduce the pains.

Steps to Take in Using Warm Water

Dip a clean towel inside a clean warm water.

Then, wring out the water in the towel, and flatten to fold it.

The next step is to lie on your stomach, placing a pillow under hips and ankles.

You will then place the folded towel on the painful area with the towel being covered with a plastic wrap, and then put a heating pad-set on the towel.

You will allow the heated towel to stay there for about 20 min; you can repeat  four times for several days.


4. Be Gentle On Your Bed

Overtime you get out of the bed, lie down on your back, and slowly stretch arms overhead. Then, you will gently pull knees to chest just one at a time.

If you want to rise up, roll to the edge of the bed, turn round to the other side, put knees over the edge, then use one arm to push up and allow the feet to swing to the floor.

As soon as you are up on your feet, place your hands on the buttock region, and lean just slowly to stretch out spine.


5. Use a Natural Boost – Pepper

Pepper is a good natural boost to treat back pain product. Pepper has a heat-producing substances called capsaicin.  This substance has the ability relief the pain from the back.

Apply the capscaicin on the area affected.  Capascaicin nicely deplete nerve ending of the substances that transmits pains sensations to the brain.

Therefore, when there is less substance  in the brain circulation, the pain radi will be low.  When you visit the drugstore,  ask for creams that have 0.075 and 0.025% of capsaicin. 

Note: You need to be patient! 

You should not be in a haste, be patient while you use the cream. It will be nice to use the cream or ointments for few weeks for a full effect.  But if there is skin irritation, it is better to halt it right away.

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These are great home treatments that be applied at home each day. Before bed and after bed. There are other home remedies you can check through and will make a good complement to all those that we mentioned here. 

However, if there are no significant improvements, visit the clinic for further investigations to ensure correct prescription. Lastly, watch you diet, and keep a good posture while engaging in your day-day activities. 

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