10 Common Kinds Of Cancer Diseases in USA

Cancer! A terrible and life threatening sickness. Despite the fact that many hate to discuss the subject, it is vital to know what these diseases really are, and the precautionary motives to practice. Reading through the 10 common kinds of cancer diseases in USA that is common in the society will better improve and reinforce the need for a healthy lifestyle

There are hundreds of cancer diseases in the world today with many springing up. This article is not written to explain all the different kinds of cancer that exist today, but it will list out the commonly experienced cancer sickness in our day.

Before starting to list out the common different kinds of cancer diseases that we have. Let us succinctly explain what cancer diseases or sickness really is.

What Is a Cancer Disease

Cancer is simply a disease that occurs when abnormal cells in the body tends to divide uncontrollably, they eventually divide, and they start to destroy body tissues. This later form lumps or tumors.

Now, let us discuss the different kinds of cancer disease that you need to know.

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10 common Kinds Of Cancer Diseases in USA

10 Common Kinds of Cancer in USA You Need to Know

As previously highlighted, the common kinds of cancer diseases will be mentioned. They are:

1. Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a cancer that forms a lump in cells of the breast. Fortunately, breast cancer can be treated by medical professionals. Before the treatment can be carried out,  medical diagnosis is highly important. Additionally, a lab test is a requirement as well.

Whenever you feel a lump around your breast, drive in straight into the hospital and carry out the test to be certain if it is a cancer or not. The earlier treatments begins, the faster it is to get rid of the cancer in the breast before it will spread out.

2. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a cancer that forms in the man’s prostate. It is identified to be small sized gland that will result into the production of seminal fluid.

Similar to a breast cancer, it can also be treated with the help of medical professionals, and diagnosis are required to ascertain the level and state of the cancer in the prostate.

3. Lung Cancer

This kind of cancer forms differently from the ones previously mentioned. This cancer starts in the human lungs. People who have the highest percentage of having this type of cancer are those who smokes.

However, it is also treatable by medical practitioners. A test in the lab is necessary, and there must be diagnosis before treatments would begin.

4. Leukemia

This type of cancer is a little bit different. It does not form a lump. Rather, it is a blood forming tissues. It is in the blood of the carrier. When a person is diagnose of a leukemia cancer, the body’s ability to combat infections will greatly be reduced.

These disease can be treated by medical practitioner. But a diagnose and lab testing will come before the treatment.

5. Basal Cell Cancer

We have basal cells in our skin that have a wide range of functions. As soon as you notice a change in your skin, be quick to report at the nearest hospital for a diagnose.

Good news is, it can be treated also by medical doctors. Prior to medical treatment comes diagnosis.

6. Colon Cancer

Colon cancer occurs at the part of the body identified as a colon or a rectum. These parts are located at the lower end of the digestive tracts. These might not be easily identified by mere eyes. A change in the digestive system should make you consult a medical doctor for proper findings.

Colon cancer can be treated by medical doctors. Therefore, there is little worry that should be attached. But a proper diagnose and lab testing must be done.

7. Brain Tumor

Brain tumor is a cancerous growth of abnormal cells in the brain. The symptoms might affect visions and could lead to severe headache.

Though a very severe type of cancer, it can be treated by medical professionals. It is also important to carry out a medial diagnose to effectively treat the cancer.

8. Throat Cancer

Throat cancer is also called head and neck cancer. They are groups of cancers that affects the mouth, nose or throat. The effect can be easily seen. They tends to form lumps at the region mentioned as well.

Before treatments begins, a lab testing and medical diagnosis is highly required. After that, proper treatment by a medical personnel can then begin.

9. Melanoma Cancer

Melanoma cancer is also a different type of cancer that leads to abnormal growth of the skin cell. Melanoma is considered the most serious kind of any skin cancer disease.

Although, being the toughest among skin cancers diseases, it is still treatable by medical professionals. But before doctors will start treating this, there must be a lab test and medical diagnosis to accurately identify the cancer.

10. Vaginal Cancer

This is a common type of infection that can only develop in women. Medically, it is called clear cell adenocarcinoma. The sign might involve unusual bleeding of the vaginal after a woman has reached menopause or after a sexual intercourse. It can lead to a watery discharge of the vaginal or lump in the vagina as well.

Vaginal cancer can be treated by medical doctors, but the person must have gone through medical diagnosis to establish the fact.

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Having identified the common kinds of cancer diseases. How, you might asked? These parts of the body that are tenable to cancer disease will help you appreciate focusing on a healthy lifestyle. Eat more balanced diet, drink enough water regularly, reduce your exposure to radiation, limit exposure to direct sunlight. If these measures are employed, you would not have to worry about a cancer disease.

If eventually you have any of the listed cancer here, make sure you visit respected hospital that is duly recognized to have handle cases of cancers and have treated hem successfully.

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