6 Best Herbal Remedies For Anus Infections

herbal remedies for anus infections

Anal infections medically identified as pruritus ani, is a known infection wrestling with men and women today. Although it has no gender respect, it is more common in men. In this article, we shall disclose 6 best herbal remedies for anus infections.

This infection can be traced down to skin medical issues. The skin infections could be incessant sweat and moisture around the anus, excessive friction around the anus, and exposure to perfumes that are strong in chemical content, and an improper clean up after visiting the toilet.

Medical cases acquainted with this infection can be owing to skin irritation, yeast infections, constipation, hemorrhoids, parasite, and sexually transmitted diseases.

The most noticeable of the skin infection is itching of the anus. Other physical infections could be sores, rashes, redness and swelling of the anus region. All these symptoms can be shameful at times and can be annoying.

Regardless of all these infections around the anus, folks who are battling with these infections needs immediate treatment in order to solve it. Medical drugs are sold at pharmacies that can strictly address these issues.

The home remedies we will be explaining are charged with great healing constituents, yet, if symptoms persist after several applications. It is advisable to seek medical consultations. Yet, to enable readers get the best of these home treatments, the best ones are sourced for. And how they can effectively be applied are discussed.


Best Herbal Remedies for Anus Infections

This article is aimed at giving you the best herbal remedies for solving anal infections. These remedies are strictly herbal that is available for your use. These herbal remedies for anus infections are:

1. Licorice

Licorice is the first on the list of herbal remedies for treating anal infection because of the wide range of treatment for infections. Ayurvedamade it known that licorice can treat skin infections like eczema and psoriasis which are leading infections of the anal region.

How can it be applied?

* There is a need to roast licorice with chebulic myrobalan, and cardmom at equal proportion.

* After proper roasting, then the mixtures can be grinded into powdered forms.

* This powder can then be mixed with honey at 1:4 in a glass of water.

* You should drink this solution everyday until symptoms dwindles.


2. Lemon grass

So sure this herb is no news to you. Many can identify it to be a fever grass due to its common use for fever. Although the effectiveness for treating malaria cannot be disputed, so is the power it has in dealing with infections.

Lemon grass has allergens, and antioxidant that can effectively treat underlying cause of skin infections. Aside the treatment for anal itching, it can help one gets a soft skin, especially during this harmattan.

How to Use Lemon grass For Anal Infections

* Cut few leaves of the lemon grass at large quantity.

* Boil them in a pot filled with water

* Depending on your skin tolerance to hotness, you can bath with the boiled water everyday to treat the skin infection.


3. Aloe Vera

Another cool remedy for anal infection is the aloevera. Aloe vera has long been a good herb for treating any skin related infections. Aloe Vera has been researched to have powerful effect on reliving inflammation, itching and soreness. If your infection is hemorrhoid, this herb can be used in treating it effectively. The irritation can be treated effectively.

How to Use Aloe Vera

* The gel from the aloe vera would be extracted. You can use a knife to help remove the gel effectively.

* Take the extracted gel and rub the anal area with it for five minutes. After five minutes of application. Wash off the surface with a clean water.

*Repeat this method twice a day. A tremendous relief would have been felt.


4. Garlic

Garlic is another herbal remedy that can effectively be applied to treat anal infection. Garlic has antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti fungal properties which will assist in treating infections around the anal.

Unlike other herbal remedies that can be applied in the region where the infections can be seen, garlics application is different from that, it works inside out. Garlics will eliminate intestinal worms that are in the stomach which are solely responsible for the anal infection.

How to Use Garlics in Treating Anal Infections

* Eat at least 3 cloves of raw garlics everyday on an empty stomach for a duration of one week. Garlic odour can be offensive, therefore, do it before brushing.

* If you cannot stand the pungent smell, it is nice then follow these steps:

 > Boil small quantity of blended garlic.

 > Add enough quantity of milk to the blended garlic

 > Drink this everyday for a week on an empty stomach.


5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also effective in treating anal infections. It has been researched to have a strong way of dealing with bacterial, fungal and microbes.This is due to its possession of antibacterial, anti microbes and anti fungal properties.

These constituents are effective in treating intestinal worms in the body.

How to Use Coconut Oil

i. Take at minimum, 3 tablespoon full of coconut oil daily, and you can use it for cooking, to attain maximum reaction.

ii. You can also apply the coconut oil to the anus area so as to effectively relief the itching and the burning sensation.


6. Increase Fiber Intake

Increasing fiber intake is a brilliant way to reduce anal infections. Fibers intake into the body system helps in promoting healthy digestion, increase the bulkiness and soft stool. These tends to limit the constipation in the body system.

Fiber Meals to Consume Are

i. Beans

ii. Prunes

iii. Green leafy vegetables

iv. Fresh fruits

v. Pumpkin Seeds

vi. carrots

Note: Fiber supplements can also be sorted for after proper consultations with a doctor.

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As previously shown, these herbal remedies are what is made readily available around you. If you lack one around you, visit a nearby market where herbs are being sold or make inquiries from trusted friends. You can also visit neighboring garden to get some of the aforementioned herbs here.

Remember, if symptoms persist after using these herbal remedies, visit the hospital for proper diagnosis.

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