How Much Water Should You Drink On A Daily Basis?

How Much Water Should You Drink On A Daily Basis? We definitely can’t keep drinking water all day.

How would you have answered this question if it were directed to you? Very likely you would say, I don’t know. I understand, after all, that’s probably the motive for reading this piece. A lot of people who are like you have no answer to that question raised, and yet they seek for answers since there exist a daily emphasis on the need to drink sufficient amount of water.

As easy as this question might seem, gaining absolutely correct answer, simple and direct is not as easy as you might think. In fact, there are controversies regarding how much we must consume. Many holds that a daily consumption of 8 ounce per day will just be enough, other argues that it sure will not be enough. Where should we stand between these opposing parties? The best and the wisest is to look closely at the facts available at hand and how we can judiciously use them in gaining answer to the question – how much water should we drink on a daily basis?

The purpose of this write-up is not to carve a space in this controversy, but rather to give clear details for proper understanding of the topic being debated on. Before we start answering, a note to bear in mind is the importance of water, and your knowing this will enhance sticking closely to the guidelines outlined in this write-up.

Also, do note that you do not have to cram rules and figures in your head. Simply put, you will get exactly what you have bargained for- reading this piece.

Water Is Vital to Life

Water is life. Our body weight constitutes 60% of water, a percentage indicating how much we will keep depending on it for our existence. For the cells, tissues and every other organ in the body to effectively work, a right amount must be taken. Insufficient water leads to dehydration and results into depleting of energy.

To attain a moderate level of good health, it is a means to help fight some diseases in the body. This prevent them from being sick constantly. Water aids in respiration and improves the bowel movements in the body. The sensitive tissues in the body are being protected with water when properly taken. What is more to the point? Water is also a source of cheap alternative to soft drinks highly consumed by folks around the globe.

All these and many other benefits tangled around the very high need for water in the body system. Yet, it still leaves our question unanswered, which is, how much water is really needed daily?

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How Much Water Should You Drink On A Daily Basis?

How Much Water Is Enough?

As previously note earlier, the answer is not quite pretty direct. There cant be no formula that would fit everyone at any rate, but does that mean that there can’t be an average data that will sufficiently serve categories of people? Let us consider the facts at hand.

Some would suggest that taking at least 8 ounce of glass per day is best for all as the preceding paragraphs shows. Well, as there is no objection to that, we must critically examine to what extent should this be applied? Our body systems varies from one person to another. Truthfully, 8 ounce of glass of water might really be enough for some set of people why for some, staying dehydrated would mean taking more than the recommended quantity of fluid.

Think for a moment, how would a pregnant woman stay hydrated with that recommendation? Quite impossible you might say? A mother breastfeeding also comes to mind. These and many other factors gives us the boldness to criticize that assertion. Hence, you should not quickly assume that we are saying the 8 ounce recommended is not good, but if that will be the basis for our conclusions, that will still leave us with an unanswered question.

Examine Factors That Dictates Water Intake


Water intake has a lot to do with the age of a person. The water content required to be taken by an adult is expected to be higher than that of children. There is an expected increment as the age rises up.


Sex matters when it comes to the right amount of water needed in the body system. For example, the recent recommendation for men advices men to take at least 3.7 litres of water on a daily basis whereas, women of same age range are asked to drink  2.7 litres per day.

Pregnant/ breast feeding mothers:

A pregnant women is undoubtedly expected to take in more water than a women who is not pregnant. The breast feeding mother would be inclined to consume even more.

Climatic condition:

During extremely hot weather, water intake would certainly gain a rise against a cool weather. This is as a result of the heat generated that leads to burning off more waste out of the body.

The requirements to be listed down have duly been investigated and researched properly and thus information contained there in are correct and accurate. However, you must always keep these factors mentioned in your mind as you work along the figures prescribed.

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How Much Water Should You Drink on A Daily Basis? | Water Intake Levels for Men, Women and Children

Water Intake Level for Men:

If you are a man, 20 years and above, your water intake daily recommendation is 104 ounces. Remember that your climatic condition, work type are subject to either a decrease or an increase.

Water Intake Level for Women:

72 ounces is expected to be consumed by women of ages 20 and above. During pregnancy, that figure will rise to 80 ounces, and 104 during breastfeeding respectively.

Water Intake Level for Children:

Their range is between 40 ounces to 88 ounces on a daily basis.

These are figures recommended by BMC Public Health.

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Water is important to our daily life, thus, the right quantity would mean good for a better well-being. Understanding ones body plays a vital role in knowing the required amount of water to be taken. Ensure that you keep the data presented to you at hand do not neglect other factors mentioned. Be sure that you constantly stay hydrated.  

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